Intracoastal Real Estate Academy has partnered with Dearborn and their REcampus to bring you comprehensive exam preparation materials. Whether you are looking for a study guide to go along with your Broker Pre Licensing text book, Modern Real Estate Practice in North Carolina, or for practice exams, tutorials and practice questions the REcampus has you covered

Real Estate agents that are licensed in another state and only need to take the state portion of the NC Real Estate license exam, the REcampus provides a great tool for you. The NC Real Estate Drill and Practice Qbank simulate the licensing exam, has explanations of answers and you can customize your exam.

Below you will also find a link to the NC Real Estate Exam comprehensive audio-book created by Michael Valentino & NC Real Estate instructor Anne Rasheed. The audio book compliments the 75 hour, prelicensing coursework for students who are struggling to find time to study, or want another method to absorb the material.

Complete North Carolina Real Estate Drill and Practice QBank v5.0 Price: $99.00 – (EXAM PREP NATIONAL AND NC STATE)

Prepare for your exam with thousands of questions designed to mimic the exam. Get the practice you need to pass the North Carolina and national portions of the PSI Real Estate exam. You have access to thousands of current and accurate questions designed to mimic the exam. You will be able to pinpoint problem areas, create custom quizzes, and focus on the topics you need to study the most. BONUS! It follows Modern Real Estate Practice in North Carolina and North Carolina 75-Hour Broker Prelicensing Course unit-by-unit, making this a convenient companion product for additional classroom study or for independent study for the prelicensing course.

Key Benefits:

  • You can simulate full-length licensing exams—not just by the overall number of questions but also the number of questions per topic according to the testing provider.
  • See and practice the exact topics and subtopics that will be on the national and state exam.
  • View answer explanations.

North Carolina Real Estate Drill and Practice QBank- Price $49 – (Exam Prep NC State Only)

Prepare yourself with the leader in test preparation! Now you can focus your preparation for the North Carolina Real Estate License Exam specifically on the state portion with this custom online QBank.

North Carolina Real Estate Drill and Practice QBank—When it comes to preparing for and passing the state portion of the North Carolina Real Estate License Exam,
practice makes perfect. Put the most comprehensive QBank test engine to work for you. This QBank allows you to test yourself with questions on the industry’s most advanced interactive testing platform. You can simulate nearly every test environment to help improve your exam score. And because the QBank is online, you can access it anytime, anywhere it is convenient for you. When it comes to passing your North Carolina Real Estate Exam, you can never be too prepared!


  • Simulate licensing exams
  • Customize exams by topics and subtopics
  • View answer explanations
  • Guide to Passing the PSI Real Estate Exam 8th Edition: $39.29

    The eighth edition of this best-selling book offers the latest and most comprehensive information available to help you prepare for the PSI Real Estate Exam. Based on the latest content outline, this text simulates the style, difficulty, and content of the PSI exam and offers more questions and answers than any other PSI exam prep book on the market. Including three practice salesperson exams, two practice broker exams, matching exercises in each unit, and a self-scoring tool to chart progress, this is the most comprehensive study guide for passing the PSI exam.

    Key Benefits:

  • More than 800 questions, including matching review quizzes in each unit to help focus on key terms
  • Exam-style questions with rationales pinpoint subjects that require additional review
  • A self-scoring feature in each unit charts individual learning progress
  • Modern Real Estate Practice Flashcard Review 20th Edition: $60

    This updated and comprehensive set of more than 700 flashcards offers you a comprehensive review of key concepts covered in Modern Real Estate Practice, 20th Edition. This convenient study tool complements the textbook and classroom experience to ensure you pass the real estate exam on the first try.

    Mastering Real Estate Math 8th Edition Update: $42

    Overcome your math anxiety! This comprehensive workbook improves math skills and prepares you for actual real estate practice. Multiple in-chapter and additional practice problems, along with real world exercises, provide plenty of practice in each area. This text provides you with step-by-step instructions simplify even the most complex calculations, from prorations and investment analysis to property tax and lease calculations.

    PSI Cram Course: $129

    The all-inclusive Cram for the Exam class, book & online resources contain the critical content you WILL see on the National & State examinations.

    NC Real Estate Exam Comprehensive Audio-book (download) - Price $74.00– (use coupon code IREA25)

    Here is Anne Rasheed’s comprehensive North Carolina Real Estate Exam Audio program. This program contains over 4 hours of material that will help you pass one of the hardest Real Estate Exams in the country. Anne has been a Real Estate Agent for over 20 years and has real life experience to help you pass the exam. The program includes two files; one is a single uninterrupted audio-book, and the other is conveniently divided by chapters for ease of use, both in a simple mp3 format.

    The original price of the Audio Book is $99.00 the discounted price for Intracoastal Real Estate Academy is $74.00 please be sure to use coupon code IREA25 to receive the discount.

    For more information on Real Estate Licensing in NC please refer to Real Estate Licensing in North Carolina (RELINC) booklet published by The North Carolina Real Estate Commission (NCREC).

    For those taking only the State section of the North Carolina real estate license exam, please view the State Section Study Guidelines provided by NCREC.


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